Gretchen & Joseph

June 1, 2019St. Louis, MO

The Wedding

Saturday, June 1, 2019
5:00 PM
Attire: Semi-formal
Ceremony and Reception
The Cutlery Building
612 North 2nd Street, Suite 400, St. Louis, MO 63102, USA

Join us for a fun filled evening of celebrating the wedding of Gretchen Seibert & Joseph Kulesza.
Dinner, drink and dancing to follow the ceremony.

Our Story
It started with a swipe... and tacos

Three and a half years after their first date, to the day, Gretchen Seibert (sigh-bert) and Joseph Kulesza (kool-e-za) will be celebrating their wedding day with family and friends. But before their first date took place is the story of how they met, or how they were introduced to one another.

All magical journeys and stories have a starting point. Gretchen's parents, Jody and Gary, first met in grade school. Joe's parents, Joan and Larry, met through mutual friends while attending a concert. Frodo met Gandalf in The Shire. Others have met at wellness spas, bowling alleys or while attending grad school, just to name a few. Gretchen and Joe met on Tinder.

That day the digital god of love Tinder*, a modern-day Eros or Aphrodite, smiled down upon Gretchen and Joe creating a deep connection by their actions of swiping right. Following the forced "hellos" that come with online dating were more fulfilling conversations about our favorite food, tacos, how ridiculous the Seattle freeze** is and yoga pants, amongst other things. 10 days later found them on a first date at a small Italian restaurant in downtown Seattle where they shared plates of delicious pasta and worked on getting to know one another better. With the restaurant closing, the two individuals were forced outside into the rainy cold night leading to an awkward partial kiss due to their open umbrellas colliding and their faces being just a little to misaligned.

Fast forward three years and the differences between now and then are as clear as day. Instead of finding reasons to hang out, they are finding paint colors and kitchen hardware for their first house together. Instead of planning a weekend getaway, they're planning a honeymoon. Instead of the Seattle freeze, they cuddle (a lot). And instead of two individuals getting to know each other, they are about to become husband and wife. The only thing that hasn't changed is their mutual love of tacos because they are the best.

*To those not familiar with Tinder, it's a dating app where a user is shown pictures of potential matches. For each potential match, the user can decide to either swipe left to dismiss the suggestion or to swipe right to accept. Once two people have both swiped right they are able to communicate via the apps chat service.
**Seattle Freeze, Per Wikipedia, refers to a widely held belief that it is especially difficult to make new friends in the city of Seattle, Washington, particularly for transplants from other cities.